Long distance relationships...How do we survive this?

This question divides opinion, while some think that it isn’t possible to keep a relationship going strong while others believe that it’s more than do-able to keep that fire alight in the relationship.


2021 has brought yet another COVID lockdown, putting strain on our wellbeing and our relationships. It’s really tough, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel!


Whether long distance works for you or not is down to what you need in your life, so don’t feel guilty if you cannot hack the long slog of waiting. It isn’t for everybody and also isn’t just down to whether you love them enough or not.


Neither of you asked for this lockdown, but I’m hoping that some of my tips will help you and give you some ideas to keep the butterflies fluttering in your belly and putting some sparkle into your love life from afar.


If you’ve not met your partner yet, I can’t begin to imagine how much you must be bursting with excitement to meet them - Cherish that feeling because it’s wonderful and often worth the wait! 


Here are my love tips which apply to all!


Live chat - The next best thing is to see your beloved in the flesh albeit via a screen. While talking over the phone is fab, you connect a lot more when you can see each-others reactions. Plan video calls ahead with your partner so you’ve both got something to look forward to each week. There are so many things that you can do live together, from cooking a meal, drinking your morning coffee with one another or even putting them by your pillow at bedtime. Whatever gets you by!


Go to bed with them - Hear me out! I know that you can’t ACTUALLY go to bed with them but getting one of their T shirts and putting it over a pillow is an adorable comfort. It’ll require some imagination but it helped me many-a-times when I had long distance relationships.


Write love letters - Going back to basics! Physically writing a love letter and popping it in the post is not only drop dead cute but it shows that you’ve gone the extra hog. You’ll be so excited waiting in anticipation for your lover to read it, and it’s guaranteed to make their day. You might be lucky and get one in return!


Plan future date nights - None of us will know when it will happen but we all have to remember that this is NOT forever and we will resume some normality. Find yourself a jar and jot down some date night ideas on some card and stick them inside, so that when you do reunite, you can randomly pick one out and make it happen!


Simultaneously do the same things - This is my favourite tip! It sounds a little crazy but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Set a night aside where you’re both free and plan to watch the same movie, order each-other take-away remotely (we love you JustEat) and stick your lover on a phone or laptop. By doing the same things together you create an illusion that they’re with you. It’ll require an open mind but I swear by this tip!


Send a surprise sexy gift - Your sexual hormones will be going crazy whether you’ve met your lover or not, so sex toys are most peoples best friends right now. There are many on the market where you are able to control your lovers sex toy via Bluetooth, which is self satisfying in itself! We’re all playing the “adapting” game at the moment, so why not try remotely control your partners orgasms?


Make a memory book - Possibly only applicable to those that have met before, but memories don’t have to be ones you’ve done in person! Remind each-other why you’re waiting very patiently and concentrating on the positives. You could even name the book “How we survived COVID-19”.


I hope that you found this useful and do leave a comment on how you’ve kept it lively in your relationship to share with others!
We’re all in this together.

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